How It Works

Photo of an Infrared Head

Confuse the Mosquito

Mosquitoes detect their prey from long distances by homing in on exhaled carbon dioxide. They are also attracted to the 50+ other chemical odors associated with humans. When they get close, mosquitoes rely on infrared and color vision to find a desirable location to feed.

The patented technology hidden within the Basic Soft Band cloaks you in a confusion of scent that is barely detectible to you. This cloaking action means mosquitoes either don’t recognize you as prey. Or, they can’t figure out where to land to feed. All other products on the market work the same way.

The Simple Soft Band is the best mosquito repellent because it uses a proprietary DEET-based formula that is not applied directly to the skin so it is safer for vulnerable people like young children and pregnant women.

Why The Simple Soft Band is a Different Kind of Wearable Band

The patented technology hidden inside the Simple Soft Band makes it the most effective and longest lasting wearable with no degradation of the scent. With our competitors’ products, there is an intense initial burst of scent, and then continual degradation. The difference with BugZing™ is that there is no degradation of the scent delivery. All the competing band-type products are either infused with a botanical repellent, or employ some kind of absorbent that can be re-infused with botanical fragrance. There will be an intense initial burst of scent and then continual degradation. While there is the perception that botanical repellents are safer because they are “natural”, their effectiveness declines rapidly, which does not make it the best mosquito repellent choice. So, if your goal is protection from mosquitoes that may carry dangerous diseases is an ineffective botanical really “safer”? 

DEET has been proven over decades as the most effective repellent available. However, DEET is a strong chemical and many people don’t feel comfortable rubbing it on their skin where it will be absorbed into the body. Read the story of a memorable experience BugZing™ inventor, Robert Hockaday had with DEET. The Basic Soft Band employs a proprietary DEET based mosquito repellent blend which is “breathed” consistently from a patented membrane for 800 hours at a rate and strength equal to the amount of repellent that is normally applied directly onto the skin. In addition, the amount of DEET contained in BugZing™—which will be released over 800 hours—is the recommended amount for one application directly on the skin.

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BugZing is the best mosquito repellent

Nature Provides the Model

Our inventor, Robert Hockaday, looks to nature for the models for his problem-solving inventions. He observed that membranes are selectively permeable to ions and organic molecules and serve as the vital control mechanism for cells. Just as cell membrane mediates a precisely controlled delivery of substances in and out of cells, his patented membrane mediates the precise delivery of the most effective mosquito repellent available.

Photo of an Infrared Head

What Mosquitoes See

This is what a human head looks like to a mosquito. As it gets closer to a person, the mosquito relies on infrared to decide where to land.  Our technology helps to disorient mosquitoes. 

Our Products


The band consists of a fabric exterior pocket with hook and loop (Velcro) fasteners on either end of the band and a membrane within containing repellent.  The band can deliver 800 hours of continuously effective vapor repellency.


This spray contains a patented low scent mosquito repellent that dries to a “dry” non-oily film.

Zing Cream

This cream is an Aloe Vera based cream with a patented mosquito repellent included.  It can help to heal cracked skin and sooth itching mosquito bites.

Vielka's Cream

An Aloe Vera based cream that has repellent qualities.