About Zing Devices

The Story Behind Our Company

In his own words, inventor Robert Hockaday describes how he first realized, “there has to be a better way” to repel mosquitoes.

Social Responsibility

We recognize that our technology has the potential to have a powerful impact in countries devastated by mosquito-borne illness. When we are profitable, it is our intent to work with non-profit organizations to distribute BugZing to the people who need them the most. If you share in this vision, contact us to learn about licensing and partnering opportunities.

Here’s the Proof

Zing Devices’ Basic Soft Band was tested at the Hansen Molecular Vector Physiology Laboratory of New Mexico State University where they perform leading-edge research on cell biology of disease-transmitting mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects. The Hansen Laboratory included Zing Devices in tests of the leading commercial products. However, until the Simple Soft Band receives EPA approval, it cannot be a commercial product in the U.S. Therefore, it wasn’t mentioned in this New Mexico State University press release that described the testing results. Download the PDFs of the reports prepared by NMSU on the efficacy testing of the Basic Soft Band.

(Note: When the product was originally tested it was called BugBling)

“My elementary school chorus (well, some of them) came over today. We did part of our rehearsal on my studio lanai – mosquito land. They all banded up – no bites. They liked wearing it on their legs. Some noticed and liked the smell. Of course, they liked the colors!”

— Louise

“I took my Zing Device camping and it was amazing! For the first time I wasn’t the one being surrounded by bugs.”

— Liz Barney