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 800 Hrs With
No Degradation




Costs Less
Than Competitors

A Breakthrough Technology

Since it was invented in 1944, DEET has been the most effective mosquito repellent available to consumers.  However, Zing Devices has discovered a synergistic combination of scents that are more effective than DEET alone!  And, Zing Devices is able to deliver this more protective scent at a steady, effective rate for 800 hours in a wearable device called BugZing.

As a wearable device, no chemicals or scent oils touch your skin with BugZing™.

Repellents that proclaim NO DEET! are very “in” because of legitimate concerns about rubbing a strong chemical on skin. With mosquito-transmitted illnesses spreading due to climate change, and devastating viruses emerging like Zika, it is unwise to risk your life to less effective botanical fragrances alone that cannot deliver a guaranteed, steady rate of protection.  BugZing™. solves the problem of wanting no chemicals on the skin while providing the best protection.

BugZing mosquito repellant wrist band

Our Mission is to
Make an Impact

Not only do we provide mosquito safety to high-need areas we also strive to provide those regions with good-paying jobs.

“I took my Zing Device camping and it was amazing! For the first time I wasn’t the one being surrounded by bugs.”

— Liz Barney